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Reporter's name: Jay Adams

Sighting Description: Female Wislon's Phalarope

Location: Crockett Lake: First salt pool after crossing the road opposite the gravel pond pull out at the east end of the lake.

Confirmation: This is only the second WIPH I have seen on Whidbey in the last five years.

Date and time: July 23, 2019 at about 8:40

Comment submitted Jul 23, 2019

Reporter's name: Mary Jo Adams

Sighting Description: I got to Dugualla Bay about 7:30 this morning and saw a lot of interesting birds. They included a sora which I have not seen at this location before, four semipalmated plovers, a Virginia rail, and what I believe were four juvenile spotted sandpipers. The juvenile spotted sandpipers were not quite half the size of the adult they were with, had yellow legs, light bellies, and were doing
a lot of tail bobbing.

Location: Dugualla Bay

Confirmation: I'm not sure if the sighting of the juvenile spotted sandpipers would be considered rare but on the Whidbey Audubon birdlist, it appears they are not known to nest here.

Date and time: 7/20/19 7:30-930 am

Comment submitted Jul 20, 2019

Reporter's name: Patricia Duarte-Pocock

Sighting Description: A male Evening Grosbeak perched for several minutes on a outdoor fireplace near my bird feeders.

Location: This is in the vicinity of Terra Bella Ln and Roseberry in Clinton

Date and time: July 5th about 1 pm

Photo Title: Evening Grosbeak

Comment submitted Jul 8, 2019

Reporter's name: Albert Rose

Sighting Description: This bird was perched high on a dead snag near the home of Isabel Neddow and Phyllis Kind, off of Honeymoon Bay Road. I was just cruising the area looking for birds and this is what I found.

Location: 7 Eagles Lane.

Confirmation: I don't think that this guy is rare, but I checked with Joe Sheldon, and he wasn't sure. Merlin thinks that it is a Willow Flycatcher. I don't know what it is.

Date and time: July 4, 2019 about 10:00 AM

Comment submitted Jul 6, 2019

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: Tufted Puffin, 11:19 AM, from deck of ferry heading to Port Townsend from Coupeville. Two of us got an excellent view as it was close to port side. In 20 years here, the first time I've seen one from the ferry! Good not to assume all those black birds spread across the water are Rhinoceros Auklets!

Location: Ferry to Port Townsend, 11 minutes before docking.

Date and time: July 2, 2019. 11:19 AM

Comment submitted Jul 2, 2019

Reporter's name: Cheryl Bradkin

Sighting Description: Three fuzzy baby great blue herons in a nest at the Keystone ferry dock. To look into the nest, you have to be on the east (south?) side of the top deck. Nest is on top of the pilings, behind the three tallest. Not rare bird, but it has been a few years since I've seen a nest at the ferry.

Location: Keystone (Coupeville) ferry terminal

Date and time: July 1, 2019 10:15 a.m.

Comment submitted Jul 1, 2019

Reporter's name: Arthur J Fleming

Sighting Description: Owl
Was only on the ground.
Location - Bush Point on our wooded lot, near several meadows.

Location: Bush Point

Confirmation: Short Eared Owl?
Editor's reply: This is a recently fledged Great Horned Owl. Good photo!

Date and time: June 7

Photo Title: Owl

Comment submitted Jul 1, 2019

Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: Marbled Godwit-Two standing on mud island on marsh side of the lagoon area, west of the Deer Lagoon sign. They were not feeding. After about 20 minutes, they flew west and out of sight behind the marsh vegetation.
When I left the area around 10:00 a.m., I tried to locate them from the Double Bluff Rd. side, but I was unsuccessful. I posted a poor quality photo on my eBird checklist for i.d. purposes.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: June 30, 2019-7:36 a.m.

Comment submitted Jun 30, 2019

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: Two Brown Pelicans from Port Townsend to Coupeville ferry at noon today. With thousands of Rhinoceros Auklets, Heerman's and Glaucous-winged gulls, and numerous Marbled Murrelets.

Location: Port Townsend to Coupeville ferry at the mouth of Port Townsend bay.

Date and time: June 22, 2019, 12 pm

Comment submitted Jun 22, 2019

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: American Redstart male. Flew in front of my car and then perched on a bare branch 15ft away, 8ft elevation for a few seconds until it flew into the forest.

Location: Newman Road just west of Emil Road at a gated secluded entrance to the Earth Sanctuary. Sign on green metal gate reads "NO PARKING STOPPING STANDING ANY TIME"

Date and time: June 20 2019, 6:15pm

Comment submitted Jun 20, 2019

Reporter's name: Jann Ledbetter

Sighting Description: Peregrine Falcon

Location: Driftwood Beach

Date and time: 6/13/19 7:00 a.m.

Photo Title: Peregrine Falcon

Comment submitted Jun 14, 2019

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: western wood pewee - along wooded trail leading to west dike; also, along the same trail, one male each of all three versions of teal in my scope at one time.

Location: west dike, Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 6/3/19; 1:45pm

Comment submitted Jun 3, 2019