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Unusual Bird Sightings

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: A large group of 205 resting Bonaparte’s Gulls with one Parasitic Jaeger on the outskirts of the tightly grouped flock.

Location: Saratoga Passage at the end of Greenbrier Ln

Date and time: 8/17 8:05pm

Comment submitted Aug 17, 2018

Reporter's name: Michael Sheldon

Sighting Description: On August 12, spotted two Merlins in different trees bare trees about fifty yards apart. This was at dusk. Not much activity until what appeared to be the larger bird flew to the bird's location and started harassing it. Second merlin flew off. Returned August 13, AM, when the lighting was better. Lucky to spot one merlin in the same location and was able to take photographs. Again, not much activity. Merlin was constantly on the lookout in every direction or else preening. Finally flew off to a tree 25 yards away. Simultaneous, a flicker flew from that location and landed close to the spot the Merlin had just vacated. The two passed each other in opposite directions. Surprised the Merlin didn't chase it. Maybe Merlins don't like ant-flavored meat?

Location: Deer Lagon

Date and time: 8/12/18 6 pm and 8/13/18 10 AM

Photo Title: Merlin

Comment submitted Aug 13, 2018

Reporter's name: Michael Sheldon

Sighting Description: This bird was perched on dead tree branches over the stagnant water of Deer Lagoon--on the east side, just before you reach the dike. Observed it flying up to catch flies and return to the same spot. Did not notice any tail wagging.

Location: Deer Lagoon.

Confirmation: I'm guessing this is a Willow Flycatcher, based on the lack of prominent white eye ring.

Date and time: August 2, 4 pm.

Comment submitted Aug 2, 2018

Reporter's name: Bill Bradkin

Sighting Description: Flock of about 60 White pelicans, and a solitary Great egret (?) nearby, watching them closely.

Location: Wide shoulder on Double Bluff Road about 1/2 mile north of the parking lot

Date and time: Wednesday July 25, 2:00pm

Comment submitted Jul 25, 2018

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: 250+ white pelicans, the most I have observed at Deer Lagoon the past three summers. Shorebirds are returning - peeps (least and western), greater yellowlegs, kildeer, and long-billed dowitchers in breeding plumage on the fresh water side of the dike. Ducks in eclipse plumage, except for several dozen ruddy ducks still in breeding plumage.Several dozen Bonaparte's gulls on the fresh water side of the dike. Pied-billed grebes.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 7/23/18; 11:00 am

Comment submitted Jul 23, 2018