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The time of the disturbance survey training has been changed because of the tides. It now runs from 10:00am- 12:00.

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: this afternoon several dozen plovers returned to Deer Lagoon - all that I could identify certainly were black-bellied. Also saw a few western sandpipers and 4 sanderlings.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 10/20/16; 1:30pm

Above comment submitted Oct 20, 2016

Steve Ellis advises that the Smith & Minor Island Aquatic Reserve Stewardship Committee is looking for volunteers to help with a Bird Disturbance Survey. To take part, please visit the Whidbey Watershed Stewards website.

We will be conducting a training at noon on 10/29 at Partridge Point, located at the end of Libbey Road.

Contact for more Information

Schedule change: 10 am to 12

Above notification posted Oct 20, 2016

Reporter's name: toni

Sighting Description: rough legged hawk hunting over field. First observation of season which is a little early.

Location: Pacific Rim Institute, Parker Rd, (across from OLF), coupeville

Date and time: 10/19/16 Wed 1:30 pm

Above comment submitted Oct 19, 2016

Reporter's name: David Parent

Sighting Description: On 10/16 I worked my way up the west side of the island from the Fort Casey Campground to Joseph Whidbey SP to see what the storm had blown in. All three species of loon were commonly very close to shore. At Ebey's Landing I had a CASSIN"S AUKLET about 100ft off the beach (This little guy may be sick so COASSTers, be on the lookout) I also had one pale NORTHERN FULMAR way out there, probably in Jefferson County.

The mixed flock of Canada and Cackling Geese has returned to the large field at Highway 525 and between Bush Point and Cameron Rd. It pays to scan this flock because they are sometimes joined by White-fronted, Snow Geese and possibly other species?

Location: West side of Whidbey Island, Large field adjacent to 525 between Bush Point and Cameron roads.

Date and time: 10/16 11am

Above comment submitted Oct 17, 2016

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: i cackling goose among a flock of 12 Canadas

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 10/17/16, 7:15am

Above comment submitted Oct 17, 2016

Reporter's name: Linda McFarlane

Sighting Description: Four pairs of Black Scoters and numerous White Winged Scoters enjoying the stormy weather.

Location: Baby Island

Date and time: 10.15.16 11:15 a.m.

Above comment submitted Oct 15, 2016

Reporter's name: Paula Flores

Sighting Description: Good looks at Northern Shrike at the Greenbank Farm off leash dog park. Observed it hunting, hovering and then plunging to get its prey, which it dispatched on a nearby blackberry bush.

Location: Greenbank, WA
Greenbank off leash dog park

Date and time: October 11, 2016 4:45 pm

Above comment submitted Oct 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Martha Hollis

Sighting Description: Happy Autumn! Just had my first of the season mini-flock of golden crowned kinglets come through to check out the fountain. Welcome little friends!

Location: Forest north of Libbey and wast of West Beach Road.

Date and time: October 5, 9:30 am...

Above comment submitted Oct 5, 2016

Reporter's name: Laura Aesoph

Sighting Description: Help! We have a flicker trapped under the canopy of our covered outdoor gym. Despite our best efforts to encourage it to fly down and out it keeps thrying to fly through plexiglass- does anyone have a next on a long pole?

Location: Olympic View Elementary school

Date and time: Oct. 3, 2016

Contact Information: email

Above comment submitted Oct 3, 2016

Reporter's name: LINDA BAINBRIDGE

Sighting Description: A White-throated Sparrow under my feeder this morning.

Location: Off Honeymoon Bay Road and Towhee Lane

Date and time: October 1, 8:45 am

Above comment submitted Oct 1, 2016

Reporter's name: Mike Wile

Sighting Description: My father, Darwin, and I found a very cooperative basic plumaged Lapland Longspur on the lower path of the west dike of Deer Lagoon.

Location: Lower path of west dike of Deer lagoon.

Date and time: 9/19/2016 16:00

Above comment submitted Sep 20, 2016

Reporter's name: Linda McFarlane

Sighting Description: Last few mornings a pair of common loons feeding close to shore.

Location: Baby Island, End of Saratoga Rod

Date and time: 9.20.16

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