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Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: Spring is here, and the birds know it! We have gained just over 2 hours of daylight since the winter solstice and the birds are responding with song.
The following are birds that I heard singing this morning while I was outside filling bird feeders for 5 minutes on a cloudy day with light rain:
Song Sparrow, Spotted Towhee, Mourning Dove, Purple Finch, House Finch, Dark-eyed Junco, Anna's Hummingbird, Hutton's Vireo, Red-winged Blackbird. I know that this is not an unusual sighting, but it has been quite a few months since the birds have been singing this enthusiastically, and it is much more thrilling to this particular birder than finding an unusual species at our place. It's been a long winter.

Location: Holst Rd near Rolling Hills Rd.

Date and time: 2/18/17-9:01-9:06 a.m.

Above comment submitted Feb 18, 2017

Stanwood and Camano Island Chambers of Commerce announced on Thursday that the Snow Goose & Birding Festival, scheduled for February 25 and 26, has been cancelled.

Reporter's name: Leckey

Sighting Description: I have a group of what look like Bushtits on my feeder. Real small, just above Kinglet size, lighter underneath, black beak. No mark otherwise. Long, notched tail. Today (just now, and yesterday. They come and feast then disappear for the rest of the day. Are Bushtits a possibility?

Location: Near downtown Langley

Confirmation: Stellar Jays are on the rare bird list? We have those here regularly.

Date and time: 2/9/17 11:55 AM.

Above comment submitted Feb 9, 2017
Response by Sarah Schmidt: Flocks of Bushtits quite commonly swarm suet feeders, and match your description. Steller's Jays are Uncommon on our Whidbey checklist. They are on Whidbey year round, but some people see them at their feeders regularly, others rarely or never.

Reporter's name: Jenny Brown

Sighting Description: Three Varied Thrush came out of the woods to eat seed I had scattered on the snow-covered ground. First I've seen this winter.

Location: North of Oak Harbor

Date and time: 2/8/2017 at about noon

Above comment submitted Feb 8, 2017

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: Unusual (for me, anyway) sightings well INSIDE of Deer Lagoon (i.e., birds I normally see outside of the lagoon in Useless Bay) - one common loon, both male (12) and female (5) surf scoters, a mixture of about a dozen common goldeneyes.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 2/4/17; 10:00 am (high tide)

Above comment submitted Feb 4, 2017

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: Brightly colored White-throated Sparrow under our birdfeeder with the Golden-crowned Sparrows.

Location: Rhodena Drive, Coupeville

Date and time: January 28th, 1 pm

Above comment submitted Jan 29, 2017

Reporter's name: Joe Sheldon photo pic1485282073_zpsazc3nvdl.jpg

Sighting Description: Yellow-billed Loon at Rosario Beach was again seen today - 23 January. It has been seen for several days. Look in the cove area just north of the site for intertidal invertebrates. It was about 100 feet off the beach feeding. Also reported is a Rock Sandpiper.

Location: Rosario Beach

Date and time: 23 January about 1 PM

Above comment submitted Jan 24, 2017

Reporter's name: Susan Bennett

Sighting Description: A flock of about 20 Bushtits flew in to our sunflower seed feeder this morning, ate busily for a few minutes, then left. First flock ever.

Location: Goss Ridge Road, Freeland.

Date and time: January 22, 2017 about 10:00 am

Above comment submitted Jan 22, 2017

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