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Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: As occurred the past two years, there has been a sharp increase in pelicans at Deer Lagoon in July. The two previous years saw the increase on the 13th of July, and this year, after the numbers were usually less than 50, and on some days none at all, the increase started on the 5th of July and continued to grow to 210 this morning, the 7th of July, about the same number as the past two years. Also, over the past two years, it appeared that the large increase in numbers in July was the result of many of the Padilla Bay birds flying to the lagoon to join the others for the rest of the summer. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened again. It is impossible to count these birds accurately when they are all gathered on an island..........there are always more than there appears to be, but if one wants to count them accurately, they can hope that the birds will fly from one location in the marsh to another in several groups which makes them easy to count.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: July 7, 2018-6:40-7:50 am.

Above comment submitted Jul 7, 2018

Reporter's name: Michelle Rivers

Sighting Description: 3 turkey vultures on the side of Crescent Harbor road on a recent kill.

Location: Crescent Harbor Road, Oak Harbor

Date and time: July 4, 2018 7PM

Above comment submitted Jul 4, 2018

Reporter's name: Jay Adams

Sighting Description: Red-necked Phalarope

Location: Crockett Lake. Also present were as many as 600 peep sandpipers in two flocks, most of which appeared to be Westerns, and a single Greater Yellowlegs. At one point, a Peregrine Falcon harassed the smaller flock. Nine White Pelicans were also on the lake.

Date and time: July 4, 2018 between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.

Above comment submitted Jul 4, 2018

Reporter's name: Bill Bradkin

Sighting Description: We were at Deer Lagoon, which was empty of White Pelicans, when a neighbor phoned to ask if we were watching the big flock of White Pelicans flying over our house in Ledgewood Beach. Exactly 25 minutes later, the V-formation of 57 birds was circling over Deer Lagoon (photo).

Location: Ledgewood Beach and Deer Lagoon

Date and time: July 1, 2018 12:20 to 12:45 p.m.

Above comment submitted Jul 1, 2018

Reporter's name: Robert York

Sighting Description: Female Crossbill on our peanut feeder. Upon closer inspection, she is suffering from conjunctivitis. I took the feeder down and throughly washed it. There used to be a portal to report these sightings, but now the only way it seems is to report through Project Feeder Watch, of which I am not a member. https://feederwatch.org/learn/house-finch-eye-disease/

Location: Broadway St., Coupeville

Date and time: July 1, 2018 @ 9:30 am

Above comment submitted Jul 1, 2018

Reporter's name: Linda Griesbach

Sighting Description: Approximately 75 pelicans seen flying from Admiralty Inlet eastward across Useless Bay toward Deer Lagoon.

Location: Double Bluff Beach

Date and time: Sunday, June 24, approx. 9:30 a.m.

Above comment submitted Jun 26, 2018

Reporter's name: Linda McFarlane

Sighting Description: Leucistic Bald Eagle. Not doing much. Sitting and being chased by crows. The usual.

Location: Beach surrounding Baby Island

Date and time: 6/19/18 4:58

Above comment submitted Jun 19, 2018

Reporter's name: Traci York

Sighting Description: I didn't observe this individual, but rather heard a Common Loon calling as it was passing through town. Its call, an unmistakable.

Location: Broadway St. Coupeville

Date and time: 6/14/17 6:15am

Above comment submitted Jun 14, 2018

Reporter's name: George E Heleker

Sighting Description: Stopped by the marsh to listen and look for orioles. Stood by the area where I have seen previous nesting sites, and heard some chatter almost immediately, even though they have been hit and miss when I've checked for them lately. Then a bird flew by and landed on a fence post on the other (west) side of the road about 50 yards south. It was an unmistakable Eastern Kingbird, notable by the kingbird shape, dark upperparts, and most notable, the dark tail with the white tip, very noticiable when it spread its tail. I walked quickly to try to get a photo, but right before I could get a shot off, a large truck drove by and flushed it to the next fence row about 150 feet west. It went back and forth on fence posts for a while, then flew off to the west and out of sight. Meanwhile, the male oriole started vocalizing, mostly singing for 20+ minutes, about as much as I have ever heard one sing there, singing in two different trees at opposite ends of the grove of Doug Fir trees, south of the houses on the east side of the road. As I was leaving, it started singing from one of the trees by the Osprey nest. I have not located a nest yet, and there was no evidence of an adult taking food to any area.

Location: Ewing Rd Marsh area

Date and time: 6/12/18

Above comment submitted Jun 12, 2018

Reporter's name: Libby Hayward

Sighting Description: 20-30 pelicans this evening at Deer Lagoon near Double Bluff Park; seen from mid dike trail. I have not seen pelicans for the past 5 days.....

Location: mid trail, west dike Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 6/9/20, 8:30PM18

Above comment submitted Jun 9, 2018

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: Two Black Swifts

Location: Off the bluff at the end of Greenbrier Lane, Langley. Hunting with the usual swallows.

Date and time: 6/9/18 10:13am

Above comment submitted Jun 9, 2018