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Reporter's name: darwin wile

Sighting Description: turkey vulture soaring - seems a bit early

Location: Useless Bay Golf Club

Date and time: 3/18/19; 1:50pm

Comment submitted Mar 18, 2019

Reporter's name: Vincent Hagel

Sighting Description: 1st Turkey Vulture of the season. Appeared overhead about 200 feet for about ten minutes, s then reappeared half an hour later.

Location: 1.5 miles east of Polnell Point

Date and time: March 16th, 2;00 p.m.

Comment submitted Mar 17, 2019

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: A tight flock of over 200 Brant has been hanging around in Saratoga Passage. Unusual for this location. Also, Horned Grebes are beginning to mass in a tight flock just offshore. This springtime flock usually reaches 200+ birds.

Location: Saratoga Passage off Greenbrier Lane

Date and time: 6pm 3/13/2019

Comment submitted Mar 14, 2019

Reporter's name: David Berkey

Sighting Description: I live where I can view into the western Deer Lagoon back bay (north) of Shore Ave. We saw what we believed were white pelicans, but upon closer examination, they appear to be white tundra swans or trumpeter swans. Never seen them in the lagoon before. Flock is approximately 10 birds, located towards islands on the far west end. If someone has better views and viewing lenses (mine is only 7X50 binoculars), please post a correct sighting.

Location: Capt. Vancouver and Ward Ln.

Confirmation: What we thought were long, yellow beaks of the white pelican were some kind of yellow feathers on the front of the birds. Birds have long necks and short beaks, like swans. Originally, I thought they had yellow beaks, like snow geese, but upon another look with my binoculars, beaks are black.

Date and time: 3/14/19 10am

Comment submitted Mar 14, 2019

Reporter's name: Dyanne Sheldon

Sighting Description: First Tree Swallows!! Same day as 2018. Checking out nest box at our place. Only 2 birds I think

Location: Clinton: Cultus Bay Road and French Rd

Date and time: 3-10-19 11:30 am

Comment submitted Mar 10, 2019

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: On Tuesday, March 5, at Dugualla Lake, one Greater White- fronted Goose was flocking with Canada Geese. Also in the flock something I've never seen before: two Canada Geese with pale gray feathers where they are normally black and brown. I'm posting some photos. Perhaps a form of leucism, but the lightly pigmented areas were gray, not white.

Location: Dugualla Lake seen from Dike Road, north of Oak Harbor

Date and time: March 5, 2019, 10:00 AM

Photo Title: Pale Canada Goose and GWFG

Comment submitted Mar 8, 2019

Reporter's name: Dyanne Sheldon

Sighting Description: Five White-fronted geese at Ewing (Long's) Ponds. Not rare in spring, but unusual at that location I think. Grazing in the pasture grasses upslope of the wetland, close to the road, with a gaggle of Canada's.

Location: Long's Ponds on Ewing Road, in the Bayview Area

Date and time: March 8, 2019; 3:30 pm

Comment submitted Mar 8, 2019

Reporter's name: Cathi Bower

Sighting Description: Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker during BINs walk Thursday. Landed in a scrub tree North of the wetlands in full view while I was scoping,then flew off among other Flickers.
Presuming it is the same individual, he visited two days later at the suet feeder in our yard, a couple miles up Maxwelton Valley.

Location: Ewing Marsh, north end fields 2/28
Maxwelton Valley across from Midvale. 3/2

Date and time: 2/28/19 9:30 a.m.
3/2/19 9:30 a.m.

Comment submitted Mar 2, 2019

Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: Right after filling the hummingbird feeders on our property, while standing by the feeder in the southeast corner of our field, we started a conversation about when we would see our first rufous. It was my guess that it might be awhile, given the cold February weather along the west coast. Just as I had convinced myself of that idea, a male rufous flew in on cue to a nearby Red Osier Dogwood just to the east of us, superbly bright red with the low sun shining on him from the west as he perched on the bright red stems of the Dogwood.
There is always something special about that first male rufous of the year. Not that I ever tire of them as hummingbirds are always special.

George Heleker
Whidbey Island-2.5 miles southwest of Clinton

Whidbey Island-2.5 miles southwest of Clinton Ferry

Date and time: March 1st- 4:48 pm

Comment submitted Mar 1, 2019

Reporter's name: Steve Ellis

Sighting Description: Northern Saw-whet Owl tooting tonight

Location: Along Parker Road in Coupeville

Date and time: 2/28 8:20pm

Comment submitted Feb 28, 2019

Reporter's name: Vincent Hagel

Sighting Description: Short Eared Owl at Crockett Lake. I know they're about, but I haven't seen one in a while.

Location: West side of Crockett Lake

Date and time: 4:00 p.m. February 28

Photo Title: Short Eared Owl

Comment submitted Feb 28, 2019

Reporter's name: Judy Bishop

Sighting Description: A Downy Woodpecker minus red ~ Instead has bright yellow around top of bill and bright yellow tail feathers. They come to feed on our suet.

Location: In woods north of Coupeville toward Ebey's Landig

Date and time: Pretty much all winter when temperature is very cold.

Photo Title: Yellow tail Downy

Comment submitted Feb 21, 2019